Cityway is an IT company providing innovative solutions for Citizens’ mobility. We are known as a Mobility Data Integrator and our core business is the implementation of Integrated Mobility Platforms, including: intermodal trip planning, e ticketing and On Demand Transport solutions. For 16 years, Cityway: .Supports PTAs and governments to become mobility enablers on their territory .Helps Transport Operators operate more efficiently .Allows travellers to benefit of a real mobility service Our job : make Mobility a real Service !

DNA: mobility and technology

Cityway is an Information Technology company created in 2001 and specialized in multimodal passenger information and more widely in all types of people mobility. Our solutions combine all the different modes of transport available on a specific territory, seamlessly, without boundaries including: personal car, public transport, personal bike, bike-sharing, car-sharing, carpool, ridesharing, plane, ferry… Constant development of our know-how keeps us at the leading edge of technology and allows us to innovate on a day to day basis. In 16 years of existence, Cityway has become a leading player in the passenger information field, particularly with major competencies in multimodal multi-partner trip planners. Today, Cityway is well known for its expertise in the integration of all types of data regarding mobility: road traffic information, real-time feeds, scheduled data on transit… Cityway acts as a real integrator using the most up-to-date technologies and is complying with all the profession’s international data exchange norms and standards in which it has been deeply involved since its creation. Cityway is working towards the delivery of the most efficient mobility information service for passengers, taking into account the way they use the different modes of transport, their use of technology and their specific needs while on the move. Cityway’s goal is to provide them with efficient solutions as: multimodal information websites and mobile apps, including real-time and predictive multimodal trip planner , smart ticketing services, On Demand Transport Solutions, fleet supervising systems, management of multimodal transit interchange terminals…to help them find the most reliable way to organize their personal or professional journeys, combining their personal car and public transit for example. Cityway is heading towards the MaaS (Mobility as a Service). Cityway works for transport network operators, transport companies, local transport authorities and major actors in transport (Transit Agencies, Ministry of Transport, Department of Transport, Institutions and Organizations…). Our involvement in road traffic and transport data exchange places us at the heart of major projects in Smart Cities and Mobility Intelligence. Cityway is the Information Technology Engineering subsidiary of Transdev Group, one of the global leading players in transit operations and mobility services, member of the Caisse de Dépôts Group, a French Public investor serving general interest and the economic development of the country. Cityway is historically based in Aix en Provence, South of France, but covers the entire French territory with offices in Paris, Lyon, Nice, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Beauvais and Dijon. In June 2014, a brand new subsidiary, Cityway Canada Inc. has been created in Toronto to cover our activity in Northern America. We are also present in Europe and Australia on major projects. Key figures: • 190 employees • 20 million euros as annual turnover, 2/3 concerning contracts with institutional authorities and a 1/3 with transport operators • more than 100 transport websites, multimodal trip planners and mobile applications • 2000 vehicles (bus and coaches) equipped with our CAD/AVL system • 15 major transit interchange terminals equipped with our vehicle flow and travellers’ information management system


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The Regional Authority of Alsace, the project's lead authority, has entrusted CITYWAY with the development and operation of the VIALSACE multimodal information system, through a 10-year Public-Private Partnership (PPP) contract.