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ITS France

The network for the actors of intelligent mobility. The ITS France network gather stakeholders from smart mobility sector with more than 130 member structures of complementary profiles, including governmental agencies, French regions, Universities and research centers, major companies and engineering firms from the mobility sector. This network encourages the dialogues and experiences around the new information and communication technologies in the transport field.

ATEC ITS France also represents all ITS actors in the international bodies dedicated to the development of ITS.

ITS France leads also the ambitious national program Mobilité 3.0, which aims to structure the participants of the ecosystem, in order to consolidate the leader role of France in the ITS field and to encourage the development of innovative solutions in France and internationally.

Our missions: Lead a professionals' network, Advise mobility actors, Develop cooperation and deploy French ITS Our actions: The annual Congress and Exhibition, The magazine TEC, Visits and technical journeys, Think tank, (…)

Download the Green Paper below about Mobilité 3.0

The leaflet in English and French