Cegelec Road Dynamic Equipments International, based in Didenheim (France), is a major actor in road sector. Specialized in road dynamic equipments, the company performs, in France and Internationally, supply programs, deployment and maintenance for high technology road equipment, in partnership with system manufacturers.



Products at the Show

ALICE (Autonomous LIdar Concept for Enforcement)

Cegelec Road Dynamic Equipments offered an innovative equipment to enhance safety road : the autonomous trailer, called “ALICE” (Autonomous LIdar Concept for Enforcement).

This brand new equipment is towable and movable by any type of vehicle and it can be installed or removed, in less than 30 minutes, by only one operator. Once installed, it is fully autonomous.

The data cases are directly transferred to legal Authorities, by either mobile network thanks to an embedded modem or an encrypted key. Its power supply with batteries gives a very high autonomy, uninterrupted for 5 days. Thus, it doesn’t need a human supervision during its operation.

It incorporates a Lidar enables to enforce variable speed limits on all vehicles across all lanes simultaneously in both traffic directions.