Fraunhofer ESK

Fraunhofer ESK focuses on applied research in the field of information and communication technologies with an emphasis on reliable communication systems. Backed by expertise in the areas of communication technologies & architectures and application architecture design & validation, the institute is active in the connected mobility, industrial communication, smart grid communication and telecommunication industries. Fraunhofer ESK designs communication architectures and evaluates communication technologies for reliably connecting traffic participants in real-time.

At ITS European Congress Fraunhofer ESK will demonstrate reliable adaptive hybrid V2X communication. Connected automated driving relies on reliable and predictable communication in real time. Applications like cooperative maneuvers and platooning greatly benefit from adaptive hybrid network concepts boosting communication reliability and easing seamless introduction of new technologies.

Fraunhofer ESK offers • Monitoring and prediction of Quality-of-Service parameters • Adaptive network selection in real time based on predefined rules, availability indication or machine learning • Integration of 802.11p, LTE, LTE-V2X or 60GHz technologies in hybrid / heterogeneous network architectures • Evaluation and tests of hybrid cooperative systems