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  • Calypso Networks Association

    Stand Number S14

    CALYPSO is a contactless ticketing standard, managed by its users; not by providers, deployed in more than 25 countries and 150 major cities in the wo... MORE


    Stand Number C12 (sharer 01)

  • Cegelec

    Stand Number P4

    Cegelec Road Dynamic Equipments International, based in Didenheim (France), is a major actor in road sector. Specialized in road dynamic equipments,... MORE


    Stand Number C30

  • CGI Finland Ltd.

    Stand Number S20

    Founded in 1976, CGI is one of the world’s largest IT and business process services providers. We have a wide knowledge of Intelligent Transport Syste... MORE

  • Cityway

    Stand Number S8

    Cityway is an IT company providing innovative solutions for Citizens’ mobility. We are known as a Mobility Data Integrator and our core business is t... MORE

  • Clemessy

    Stand Number P2


    Stand Number D22

    Paving the way to tomorrow's mobility As a leader in the construction, maintenance and equipment of urban and interurban infrastructure, traffic ma... MORE

  • Connekt / ITS Netherlands

    Stand Number S2 (Sharer 01)

  • Connekt / ITS Netherlands

    Stand Number S2 (Sharer 02)

    Our mission is to use proven Dutch solutions on mobility to create sustainable, accesible, liveabale and economic flourishing cities worldwide. Bike-i... MORE

  • Connekt / ITS Netherlands

    Stand Number S2 (Sharer 3)

    Within NDW, 19 public authorities maintain a unique shared database of road traffic information. The mutual collaboration among these public authoriti... MORE

  • Connekt / ITS Netherlands

    Stand Number S2 (Sharer 04)

    RDW is the Netherlands Vehicle Authority in the mobility chain. RDW has developed extensive expertise through its years of experience in executing its... MORE

  • Connekt / ITS Netherlands

    Stand Number S2 (Sharer 06)

    TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. This is... MORE

  • Connekt / ITS Netherlands

    Stand Number S2 (Sharer 05)

    Vialis has nearly 140 years of experience in designing, building and maintaining traffic systems, and managing traffic flow. With this vast knowledge ... MORE

  • Connekt / ITS Netherlands

    Stand Number S2 (Sharer 07)

    Brainport is one of Europe’s leading technology regions, regarded worldwide as a center for innovation and high-tech. Centered in the city of Eindhove... MORE

  • Connekt/ITS Netherlands

    Stand Number S2

    Connekt/ITS Netherlands is the independent network for smart, sustainable and social mobility. At Connekt influential parties meet to combine their kn... MORE

  • Continental Automotive GmbH

    Stand Number D30